Catching Up

These past few weeks have been crazy, and I have been a terrible blogger. Since I started my new jobs, I’ve been running all over and mostly just keeping my head above water.

In more exciting news, I’ve continued to work on my greenbean Morrigan and she is coming along fabulously. Her fitness has increased tremendously and I am continually impressed by her work ethic. She definitely has her moments, but overall she’s a very good girl. Her canter work is getting better every day, and she’s gradually accepting more leg and hand contact all the time.

Our only real issue has just developed this week when we were working on giving to the bridle. This has always been a rough spot for us, but after switching her to a new bit, she decided that the way to get out of it was to pop up with her front end. Granted, this bit has a little more bite to it than her last, but she was blowing through her previous bit, so a step up was needed.

Image result for sweet iron loose ring bit

This is pretty similar to what we are using now.

Ah well, such is the life of a greenbean. I’m confident we can work through this with the help of The Best Friend. What’s your most memorable greenbean moment?

Just for fun, here are a few of my favorite photos from a shoot recently with The Best Friend and her Andalusian mare Phoenix 🙂


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