Restarting the Greenbean

My new project mare, Morrigan, has been making tremendous progress and I’m really excited about how she is coming along. The past few weeks I have been putting in some time on the ground before I started riding her, making sure she remembers the training she had put on her a few years ago. It was so gratifying to see her enjoy all of the attention and watch her start to look forward to seeing me at the barn.


Saddled for the first time in a year or two

Last week I put the saddle on her for the first time, and it was very obvious she didn’t care about it at all. After a few days of groundwork tacked up, we moved on to getting on her this week. The Best Friend did the honors just to make sure she didn’t get any crazy ideas, and in typical draft fashion she took the whole thing in stride.



Second Ride

We’ll be spending the next month or so building her fitness with mostly walk and a little bit of trot to keep her moving forward. I’m not sure when canter will enter the equation, but I may need to enlist some help for that one I’m not the best at cantering on a trained horse, so a green one will be interesting to say the least. Either way, I’m excited to see what happens!


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