Meet Miss Morrigan

I’m very lucky that I have an amazing group of equestrian friends around me, and even though I’m currently horse-less, my friends always make sure I have wonderful ponies to indulge my horse habit! My new project is Morrigan, an around 10-year-old Irish Draught mare who’s been at The Best Friend’s barn for several years.


Morrigan had a few months of under saddle training a few years ago, but hasn’t been ridden consistently since then. She’s a very sweet girl who LOVES attention, and when you hit any of her scritchy spots, she’ll crack you up with her hilarious faces. I’m really exciting to get her going under saddle, and I’m hoping this will be the start of a beautiful partnership.


This will be my first time bringing along a green horse, but she is so sweet tempered that I feel confident I can work with her. Plus I haven’t had a mare in a very long time, so bring on all the pink and purple princess gear! I’m planning on taking portraits of her soon, which should be a lot of fun. Feel free to share any fun theme ideas!


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