Health & Headaches

For the last year or so, I have been working on getting more fit and healthier. It’s been a long uphill battle, and I have so far to go it’s not even funny. Since I moved to the land of the perpetual swimsuit season, I’ve ramped it up quite a bit. I’m working on finding healthy foods that don’t offend my carnivorous appetite, and I am going to the gym several times a week.

I’m definitely not in as good shape as I was when I was working at the barn. Any horse girl will tell you barn chores are a workout in and of themselves, and add in trying to leg up a draft cross that sometimes decides he has the work ethic of a slug, and I was doing pretty well….Cue moving to a new state, going from riding three to five days a week to not at all, and stress eating ALL the junk food and you can see where I needed my butt kicked.

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After having conversation after conversation with people who have reminded me that kicking my soda habit would jumpstart my journey to One-derland (get it?) I’m trying life soda-free this week. My goal is to make it seven days without any fizzy, bubbly sweetness.

Those of you who have spent any time with me (really…like any time at all…) will know that this is no easy feat. After about 48 hours, the caffeine headache kicked in, and I’m sure by this weekend I’m going to be deeply regretting this choice, but I want to commit and see how it goes.

I also signed up for my first 5k next month! I’m anxious about this because I am really competitive and while I want to do this, I know I’m going to be slow…like really slow. The longest I’ve jogged is half a mile, and that was a struggle. I know I’m going to be super self-conscious about my time, and that’s OK. As my best friend Morgan frequently tells me, “You’re still beating all the people on the couch!”

The only other concern I have is that I tore the ACL in my right knee back when I was in college (it’s a long story), and it’s never been the same since. I have sporadic days where I’ll tweak my knee and suddenly find myself unable to bear weight on that leg. But I have a month to kick it into high gear, so here goes nothing!

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